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Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Latest Musings

  • The TikTok Cat
    Like us, some cats just want all the attention.
  • The Flight of February
    Just wonderful, I’m a day behind on my blog post. You probably weren’t aware that I have self-imposed deadlines. Well, now you know. I fired myself today and subsequently filed for unemployment benefits from myself. The cycle continues…
  • Maltin Gets Canceled
    *Editors note: Leonard Maltin’s opinions are his own. He insisted on another column to which we begrudgingly allowed. Greetings, cinephiles, movie lovers, and misanthropes alike. It’s your old pal Leonard Maltin here, fresh from a long hiatus to bestow my infinite wisdom on our current times. I’m sure there’s a movie review or two hidden
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