Greetings! Do check out my blogs, comics, and published writings all updated regularly in the menu header. You can follow me via email for exciting updates or follow directly via WordPress. I’m just another Florida-based writer with a website. All questions will be fielded to my agent once I get one.

Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Latest Musings

  • Birthday Blog Spectacular
    Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “Who the hell is that?” Not me. I know exactly who I am most of the time.
  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny with Guest Columnist Leonard Maltin!
    Hi, folks! Movie critic-extraordinaire and thrice-banned White House correspondents’ dinner guest Leonard Maltin is here to discuss the latest Indiana Jones movie.
  • Dad Blog
    My dad Bill loved his John Wayne movies and westerns. As children, “The Duke” was a staple in our household, along with a choice selection of dad-approved programming.