Greetings! Do check out my blogs, comics, and published writings all updated regularly in the menu header. You can follow me via email for exciting updates or follow directly via WordPress. I’m just another Florida-based writer with a website. All questions will be fielded to my agent once I get one.

Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Latest Musings

  • Easter Time
    The Easter Bunny gets more than he bargained for on his most important day of the year. Enjoy!
  • March Madness
    I was supposed to have a new comic done by now. What happened? Just the usual distractions—jewel heist, marathon relay, alpaca farm. I have a busy schedule.  
  • Presidents’ Day: Hail to the Chiefs
    Unfortunately, I was unable to interview George Washington for his birthday. My time rocket is in the shop, and I’ve had to work overtime at the mop head factory to pay for repairs. For quality mops, you can’t beat Benson’s!