Greetings! Do check out my blogs, comics, and published writings all updated regularly in the menu header. You can follow me via email for exciting updates or follow directly via WordPress. I’m just another Florida-based writer with a website. All questions will be fielded to my agent once I get one.

Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Latest Musings

  • Birthday Blog
    It’s August, and I’m another year older. Maybe another year wiser. Life experience is great and can be used for all sorts of savings and discounts.
  • In Search of the Florida Springs
    Time is precious. Each day is an opportunity, especially the weekends. Like many, I value the weekends and the two-day respite from the necessary work-a-day routine.
  • A Runner’s Tale
    I try to run three times a week for around two or three miles at a time. This routine, more or less, has been ongoing for nearly twenty years since enlisting the Army.